Our goal is to keep our residents engaged and active throughout the day with a variety of educational, recreational and physical activities.  We also encourage and support them as they engage in volunteer activities and pursue their educational and vocational goals.


Morning Meeting - This meeting goes over the schedule for the day and sets a positive he tone for residents with affirmation exercises and a discussion of current events.

1:1 Sessions - While staff are available 24 hours each day, these sessions are specifically reserved for Resident Services Coordinators to meet with their clients to discuss individual program activities, progress towards goals and other issues that are presented.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Group - Facilitated by a certified AODA counselor, this group meets once per week, as needed, and is designed to be more educational and supportive than therapeutic.

Life Skills/Mental Health Recovery Groups - These groups also meet weekly, as needed, and cover a wide range of topics about life in general, mental health concerns and daily living, coping, and vocational skills.

Grocery Shopping - Residents are taken grocery shopping weekly and provided an established amount to spend on nutritious food items.  Residents are encouraged and helped by staff to develop menus, grocery lists and then budget grocery money to purchase breakfast and lunch items for the week, as well as evening meals on Saturday and Sunday.

Community Exploration Time - This is the time of day when residents are encouraged to be out in the community doing something positive and productive such as going on long walks, to Friendship Place, to the library, or volunteering.

Special Outings - These outings are designed specifically to expose residents to historical and cultural events, museums & art galleries, as well as positive entertainment opportunities, such as movies.

Evening Activities - Following a community meal prepared by staff, each week night offers a group activity or discussion, in-house crafts, games or movies, or community outings such as bowling, rollerskating, the movie theater and more.

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