Criteria For Residency
1. Diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness which is no longer in a crisis 
    stage; a dual-diagnosis of alcohol and/or drug addiction with commitment to        
    sobriety is acceptable as well. 
2. Support of therapist, social worker, or other mental health professional. 
3. Potential for success in an independent living environment.
4. Not a current threat to self or others.

Level of Offered Services
Our services focus on the transition to independent living through participation in programs designed to increase a resident's self-supporting skills.  Programs include educational groups, instruction on various daily living skills, goal planning, medication monitoring, and more.  Click on "Programs" for more information.

Treatment Planning
Our Resident Services Coordinators work closely with our clients and their referral agents in developing Individual Service Plans (ISPs) to fit the client's needs, goals, and strengths.

Referral Sources
Social/Human Services Departments * Mental Health Professionals * Local, County & State Hospitals * Department of Corrections * Mental Health Clinics or Private Physicians * Family or Self-Referrals 

Application for Residency
To arrange for an admission assessment, please call: the Executive Director, Scott Peeples, at (920) 725-2271.  Site visits to tour Bletzinger House and to meet staff are always welcome and encouraged. 

Bletzinger House is certified to provide billable services to Comprehensive Community Service (CCS) DHS 36 consumers, as well as those receiving Community Mental Health Emergency Services through DHS 34.

Fair Housing