Bletzinger House 
a Division of Rehabilitation House, Inc.

Patricia Nagle, Executive Director

Kathy Tessen, Finance 
Tracy Clark, Resident Coordinator
Mark Marmes, Resident Coordinator

Tammi Aluquali, Resident Aide
Sara Beaudry, Resident Aide
Margy Hershberger, Resident Aide
Ken Martin, Resident Aide
Carrie Priest, Resident Aide
Dolores Vaillancourt, Resident Aide

Board of Directors

Tom Hoare, President
Ed Wasco, Vice President
Michael O'Malley, Treasurer
Denise Burkett, Secretary

David Brotski
Mary Alice Browne
Lori Hill
Jim Strobel
Judith Zaretzke
Community Resources

Friendship Place:

Nami Fox Valley:

Fair Housing